where are you located?

is hair and makeup provided?

what should i wear?

how do i book my session?

when should i book my session?

when will i see my photos?

what's included in the session fee?

when will i receive my order?

will you photoshop the photos?

do i have to get naked?

what if i look awkward?

why should i do a boudoir session?

will everyone see my images?

Do you offer payment plans?

how much are the images/products?

I have a private studio in the Walker's Point neighborhood of Milwaukee, WI. I also offer sessions on-location (in home, at a hotel, or outdoors) for an added fee.

Yes! Professional hair and makeup is always included in our session fee! I ask that you arrive to the studio with a clean, moisturized face and clean, dry hair so that my artists can pamper you.

I will discuss all of this during our phone consultation and will share my Prep Guide with recommendations on what works best for each body type. I also have a Client Wardrobe stocked with sizes XS to 6X that you are welcome to borrow from!  Most women bring a suitcase full of options and then we finalize on 3-4 looks. Consider bringing something outside of your comfort zone just in case you're feeling extra empowered!

Of course, but I keep it natural! For example, I'll smooth out any lingerie strap bulges, remove those pesky tags, and fix any breakouts. Keep in mind most cellulite issues are taken care of with great lighting and expert posing. If you have any specific questions about what I can do, just ask! 

A boudoir session with MKE Boudoir is a luxury experience that every woman deserves to have. Heirloom products start at $400, but the average investment is $2600.   

Imagine looking back at these images 20, 30 or 40 years from now? I recently discovered tasteful boudoir photographs that my grandpa (a photographer) created of my grandma in the 60s. They are a beautiful reflection of who she was and is today.

Simple - it's an empowering and uplifting experience. No matter where you are in your journey, I've helped women feel beautiful at all stages: young brides-to-be, new moms learning to love their post-baby body, seasoned moms wanting to feel great again, breast cancer fighters and survivors, 60th birthday celebrators, newly single or new relationships, and most of all amazing story tellers. 

I want your investment to be as stress free and manageable as possible. In addition to working with PayPal Credit (apply) we also offer pre-session payment plans as a financing option for your session! With our pre-session payment plans, you will pick out your desired collection ahead of time and we will break up your investment into either bi-weekly or monthly payments leading up to your session. On session day, your collection will already be taken care of and you will have one less think to think about. 

Simply fill out our contact form HERE and I will contact you to schedule a phone consultation. During the consultation, I will walk you through what to expect on the day of your session, answer any questions you may have, and get you excited!

I recommend booking your session a minimum of four weeks prior to when you need the products. Don't wait until you lose those last ten pounds! If you're like me, you've been telling yourself you're going to lose those pounds for years. Learn to love your body and let me hide any insecurities!

I offer same day or future day Viewing and Ordering sessions!

The $300 session fee includes:
• One-on-one consultation and vision board planning
• Access to private client wardrobe (XS-6X)
• Professional hair and make-up makeover
• Private 1000 sq. ft. studio with multiple sets/decor
• Body positive coaching throughout 90 minute session
• Award-winning artistry and retouching by Tegan
• In-person reveal and ordering session
• Empowering experience!

Products will be mailed to your home (or available for pick-up) within 7-10 business days.

Definitely not! The privacy of your images is of the utmost importance to me. Many of my clients are proud of their images and want them shared, but this is not a requirement. It's your body and your choice whether or not I (or you) share any images. I do require your written permission to share any or all of the images. All of the beautiful women I feature online or share have granted me that permission.

Definitely not! We will discuss your comfort level before the session, as well as the assets you want to highlight and any insecurities that you want to diminish. My goal is always to make you feel as beautiful as you are, inside and out. Some women keep it strictly PG, some women take it all off, but most fall somewhere in between. The choice is 100% yours!

Impossible! You'll be rocking out to your favorite tunes and laughing with me the entire time. I will guide you through poses that highlight what you love about yourself and hide any insecurities, so you look great from head to toe.